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RGB 2 Go

Duo2Go Wi-Fi Pixel Controller

Duo2Go Wi-Fi Pixel Controller

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  • 2-Port Pixel Controller
  • Revision 1.6
  • Great for beginners!
  • Wi-Fi only
  • ESP8266 Based
  • WLED 0.13.3 pre-installed
  • XLights Compatible
  • 5V Data Signal, 33 ohms
  • Modular and repairable
  • Supports 12v & 5v pixels and strip
  • Runs WLED software, pre-installed
  • Supports max of 400 pixels per port for 40fps
  • Supports max of 600 pixels per port for 20fps
  • 5A MAX per output. (10A Total)
    (Over 200 LEDs per output should only exceeded only with proper voltage injection)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection*
    * Make sure to note that the protection circuit only safeguards the controller and not any attached LEDs. Keep in mind that if polarity is reversed, any connected LEDs may still be damaged. After connecting the DC power cable, When configuring for the first time, ALWAYS try to power on the controller without any pixels attached first to ensure proper polarity.

    Port1: GPIO2
    Port2: GPIO1

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