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RGB 2 Go

Differential Module for Tetra2Go

Differential Module for Tetra2Go

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REQUIRES a Tetra2Go and a Differential Receiver - Sold Separately 
(NOT compatible with the Duo2Go controller)

(Not "Smart" mode compatible! Can not be daisy chained.)
Currently tested with Falcon v1.01 Receivers - will be testing more soon)

4-Port Differential Transmitter Module for Tetra2Go (For a total of 8 ports!)
MAX485 chipset-based Transceiver

Can function with vanilla WLED, but the GPIOs for the additional ports will need to be set.

Differential Outputs:
Port5: GPIO27
Port6: GPIO26
Port7: GPIO25
Port8: GPIO33

(These settings are set by default when using the provided WLED Differential image - included when purchased with Tetra2Go)

Pre-configured WLED image available here:


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