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RGB 2 Go

Audio-Reactive Module for Tetra2Go

Audio-Reactive Module for Tetra2Go

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REQUIRES a Tetra2Go - Sold Separately 
(NOT compatible with the Duo2Go controller)

INMP441 Digital Output Sensor Module MEMS High Precision Omnidirectional Microphone Sensor Module for the Tetra2Go

Requires Audio-Reactive image of WLED (included when purchased with Tetra2Go)
Use the following settings to enable:

Config -> Usermods -> Audioreactive

  • Enable the module
  • Pin I2S SD: 25
  • Pin I2S WS: 26
  • Pin I2S SCK: 27

Preconfigured WLED image available for download here:

Note: Not all of WLED's effect are Audio Reactive. To choose an Audio reactive effect, choose an effect with a single eighth note by it 

Once you find an effect you like, spend some time adjusting the color palette and the effect timings to find something you love!



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