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RGB 2 Go

Ready2Go Starter Kit - 4-Port

Ready2Go Starter Kit - 4-Port

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1 x Tetra2Go 4-Port WiFi Pixel Controller
2 x 100ct 12V Resistor Bullet Pixels (xConnect)
1 x Genuine Meanwell LRS-350-12 (29A) Power Supply
2 x Flat 3-wire Pigtails (Female xConnect)
1 x 3-core 18awg power cord (NEMA15)
1 x 2-core 12awg power wire

Everything you need to get your blinky on!
It's a wonderful kit for pros and beginners alike

Kit will come shipped with the proper phoenix connectors attached to the female pigtails.
The female pigtails will come already attached to the pixel strings. Assembly couldn't be easier!


Runs WLED 0.14.3 software, pre-installed
Supports 512 pixels per channel for 40fps
Supports 800 pixels per channel for 30fps
Supports 1000 pixels per channel for 15-20fps

(In order to use more than 400 pixels (200 on each output) , you will most likely need to use some form of voltage injection or reduce brightness to avoid overloading the 5A fuses)

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