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RGB 2 Go

F-Amp (Data Signal Booster)

F-Amp (Data Signal Booster)

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  • Designed to assist in increasing the data signal with longer distances between a controller and the pixels
  • Can be used with 5V or 12v
  • xConnect connectors

Male end is the input side
Female end is the output side

When would I need an F-amp?

Data signals should not be confused with your pixels' power. While two of the wires in your three-wire cables transfer pixel power (5V or 12V) to the pixels, the third wire transmits the data signal. The voltage of this signal can vary, but it needs to be around a minimum of 3V for the pixels to understand it. When a pixel receives a data signal, it takes the info it needs and forwards the rest down the line, refreshing the signal to 3.3V.

If the signal travels too far between pixels, the data voltage can drop below  the minimum, causing corrupted or incomplete data and a range of bizarre-looking results. (This can range from only one to a few pixels lighting on the far side, to wacky color patterns and random blinking)

F-Amps (or data boosters) sit between the pixels (usually close to the middle) to help regenerate the signal up to 5V so that it can get to the next pixel in a readable state.

RGB2go controllers are designed to transmit the data signal at 5V -and you should be able to go over 75ft from the controller to the first pixel without needing one of these. However, if you have more than 10ft of distance between INDIVIDUAL  pixels on the string (like when you use an extension cable between props), you may need an F-amp.  They are inexpensive, and typically a staple of most light shows. We recommend keeping several on-hand!

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