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ESP32 D1 Mini CH9102

ESP32 D1 Mini CH9102

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WLED Preinstalled?

*These are the controllers used on the Tetra2Go 1.X


  • PCB-mounted antenna
  • 240MHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 + BLE module
  • 4MB (32Mbit) Flash Memory
  • Onboard USB Type-C connector
  • SoC: ESP32 FCC certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module (ESP-WROOM-32 Module)
  • USB-to-Serial: Ch9102 USB to UART Bridge
  • GPIO: 3×UART, 3×SPI, 2×I2S, 18×ADC input channels, 2×DAC output channels, 2×I2C, PWM/timer input/output available on every GPIO pin, OpenOCD debug interface, SDIO master/slave (50 MHz), external SPI flash (up to 16MB), and SD-card interface support
  • Size: 39mm × 31mm
  • Voltage Reg.: RT9013 500mA LDO
  • Power Input: 3.0~5.5VDC
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