Starter Kit Assembly Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a Ready2Go Starter Kit!
The following instructions should get your lights blinking in no time flat!

1) Open your box and locate the following items:

  • Duo2Go Controller (w/ Short stand)
  • Meanwell LRS-15-12 Power Supply
  • DC Power Cable (Red & black)
  • AC Power Cable 
  • 2 x 100ct Strands of RGB2Go 12V Resistor Bullet Pixels
  • 2 x Female Pigtails w/ Phoenix connectors (attached to pixel strands already)

2) Attach the AC Cable to the Power Supply

Your AC cable will have three wires. Depending on the source of your AC cable, the colors will either be (in order of Load, Neutral, Ground): 
         1) Black, White and Green
         2) Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow

3) Attach the Short Stand to the Duo2Go Controller (Optional)


4) Attach the DC Cable to the Power Supply

Attach the red ferrule to a +V header, and the black ferrule to a -V header.
(I recommend using the left side of the terminal pad, as tightening the screw will force the ferrule farther INTO the connector, as opposed to OUT.)


5) Attach the DC Cable to the Duo2Go Controller

Insert the ends of the DC cable (5/12V = red, GND = black)
While using your finger to prevent the header port from torquing, tighten the screws until the ends are secure.



6) Attach the Lights to the Duo2Go Controller

Confirm that he pigtail is wired properly. The side of the pigtail with the white dashes on it should be the GROUND side. VOLTAGE will be on the opposite side, and DATA in the middle.
(If your pigtails are wired improperly, you could damage your pixels!)


7) Double check! Confirm that the following cables are plugged in with correct polarity:

  • AC Cable
  • DC Cable
  • Pixel Pigtails


8) Plug the AC cord's NEMA-15 plug into power

9) Loading WLED for the first time

Browse for wireless networks using your WIFI-enabled computer or smartphone. Look for an SSID called "WLED-AP-Duo2Go"

      1. Connect to that network. If prompted, the password is wled1234

      2. A browser should pop up showing the WLED intro screen. If not, browse manually to

 If you are eager to get started, you can configure lights by simply clicking on the "To the Controls!" button, but we recommend connecting the device to your local LAN so that you can set an IP and/or hostname so that you can easily control the lights later. Click on "WIFI Settings" to do this.

Make sure you set the correct SSID and Network password for your wireless network.

(* - Make sure your SSID does not include spaces or special characters like an apostrophe. WLED may have trouble connecting to these. We recommend you remove any spaces or special characters from your wireless SSID before trying to connect WLED)

Then, if you want a static IP address, populate the following fields with the appropriate IP address, Gateway, and Subnet Mask. Once this is set, you can easily browse to the Duo2Go via your computer's web browser. Just type in the new IP address in the URL bar.

10)  Installing the App

If you do not know how to set a static address, it is usually safe to allow your router to assign this automatically using DHCP.  WLED will default to DHCP if you do not enter any specific IP address information.
    So - how do you find the IP address that the Duo2Go was assigned? Probably the easiest way is to install the WLED app on your Android or Apple phone.

(Note! It appears that the official WLED app is no longer available for download on the Apple store. In it's place you can use the WLED-native app)

    When you start the app, click the "+" button in the upper right corner to add a new controller and then press the "Discover Lights" button to search for your new Duo2Go.

    Assuming your network is set up correctly, the Duo2Go should be detected. Enter a custom name below to name your device and press the check mark in the upper right corner to complete the discovery.

You should then see a list of all of the WLED controllers on your network, along with their IP addresses.


Click on the controller name to connect to the controller:


  1.  Configuring your LEDs and their Color Order

    By default, the Duo2Go is configured to output to 100 pixels on both ports 1 and 2. When you connect your lights, they should light up with an orange color. This is completely normal.

    Most bullet pixels are "RGB" pixels.  That is the default setting for the Duo2Go controller. If you find the colors not lining up properly you may have to change the "Color Order" setting.

    Here's how you can find your correct color order:
    * Write the letters "RGB" on a piece of paper.
    * Then - set your lights to RED. What color appears? Write the first letter of this color (R,G or B) under the "R".
    * Next, set your lights to GREEN. Write the first letter of this color under the "G".
    * Finally, set your lights to BLUE. Write the first letter of this color under the "B".

    The three letters will form the new color order that you need to choose to make your lights work properly.  In this example, the color order should be "BGR". You can save this new setting in "Config -> LED Preferences -> Hardware Setup -> LED outputs (1 & 2) -> Color Order.

    Finally, press SAVE.